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Children are the gods of small things. The apparently insignificant things like a shiny rock, a colourful sea shell, or a paper boat reflecting the sun as it floats down a stream – things that for the spirit and sensitive imagination of children take on enormous meaning and value. Musically speaking the world of children is the world of the humoristic, light, and stylistically delicate miniature. Interest by composers in this form of expression is historically more than just casual. The desire to put meaningful ideas into the miniature form has occupied the minds of many a great musician and artist throughout the world and ages. This recording is a collection of some of the better known piano works relishing in the small and simple expressions of children. It was once said that “it is not the dense that endures, but the fine”. This may well sum up the profound significance, and sensibilities, of the child’s perception towards the “big world”, by expressing the simple and apparently insignificant treasures missed by adults every step of the way. Claude Debussy: Children´s Corner Maurice Ravel: Pavane pour une Infante Défunte H. Ville-Lobos: Excerpts from "La Famille du Bébé" Randall Meyers: Orchestral Suite - "The King Who Wanten More Than a Crown

Track Title Min. Listen Price Buy
01 Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum 2.27 1.00 €
02 Jimbo´s Lullaby 4.00 1.00 €
03 Serenade for the Doll 2.41 1.00 €
04 The Snow is Dancing 2.16 1.00 €
05 The Little Shepherd 3.00 1.00 €
06 Golliwogg´s Cakewalk 3.18 1.00 €
07 Pavane puor une Infante Défunte 7.07 1.99 €
08 Le Polichinelle 1.00 1.00 €
09 La Poupée de Bisuit 3.56 1.00 €
10 La Poupée de Chiffone 2.07 1.00 €
11 Orchestra Suite - The King Who Wanted More Than A Crown 19.09 2.99 €
download all tracks 13.98 €  
price € 14.99