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Ewa Kupiec – ZAL

New double cd release

The Countess d'Agoult asked Chopin, by what substantive he called that which he enclosed in his compositions like unknown ashes in superb urns of most exquisitely chiselled alabaster? He replied: there her heart had not defied her in the gloom which she felt stealing upon her, for whatever might have been the transitory pleasures, he had never been free from a feeling which might also be said to form the very soil of his heart, and for which he could find no appropriate expression except in his own language; no other possessing a term equivalent to the Polish word ŻAL. As if his ears thirsted for the sound of this word which expressed the whole range of emotions produced by intense regrets through all the shades of feeling from hatred to repentance, he repeated it again and again. ŻAL, then, was the principal motif of Chopin's charming music. And, it has been the principal motif of all Polish music from its very birth.