Randall Meyers
photo © Demetrius Fordham
Randall Meyers, composer

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Simplexity for Piano Solo Nr. 1

Solaris Music – 2019



Involution as Evolution


Randall Meyers

The mediator of the Simplexity process must firstly learn the difficult task of suspending the normal constructive, synthesizing activity of the Mind and instead adopt a radically phenomenological stance. In this fashion attending mindfully to each successive occasion of experience exactly as it presents itself in its sheer immediacy. When this technique of “bare attention” is assiduously applied the familiar world of perception dissolves into a dynamic stream of impersonal phenomena; flashes of creative actuality arising and perishing with incredible rapidity. It is the thing–events discerned in the stream of immediate experience, the constitutive mental and physical sound-phenomena that make up the essential entities underlying the music, and compositional process coined “Simplexity”.

Obviously this leads us to a nearly total state of psychic involution (meditation). Our Mind gazes inward perceiving phenomena as it presents itself, and all outer norms vanish into a background of no meaning. In this way the flux of the untarnished creative stream is preserved uninterrupted. Since this is music the depth of the meditative involution and the outer state of expressive evolution, is balanced by the interaction of Mind and body; symbiotic with the sector of time called “the Present Now”. The present, however, is a very elusive reality that is constantly on the move from an unreal future and an unreal past. Therefore any examination or elusive sound-choice that has occurred already belongs to the past. The arising, continuing, and ceasing of a thought cannot be known by the same thought. The “momentary present” consists of a single virtually imperceptible moment of consciousness; while the “serial present” is the perceptible sequence of several moments of consciousness, which alone is actually experienced as “Present”. Ultimately none of this can be known in the ‘present now’ as the experience one has surrendered to can only be known in the past.

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